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Hey, Seattle!

John's giving his renowned seminar again October 13-14, 2018

 only $199

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Write and Sell

Your Screenplay


This is an excellent opportunity to learn from John

- for what it usually costs to buy one hour of his time you get an entire weekend!

A RARE OPPORTUNITY! This 2-day weekend workshop, with master coach and Emmy-winning director, John Jacobsen, offered last in Seattle 5 years ago, will teach you structure, tools and practical know-how to take your story from concept to execution to selling. John is an accomplished writer, director and teacher with deep professional experience, and has a very successful track record in helping all kinds of writers, from beginners to expert, from screenwriters to playwrights to novelists.
Day One: You'll learn the essential structure of all good films and stories through lecture, discussion, and film clips from your favorite movies.
Day Two: You'll cover subplots, character, dialog, plus how to write great scenes; the afternoon will be spent using these valuable lessons to analyze the work of five student screenplays for some real world screenwriting guidance you can use in your own project.

Script Coverage: Receive John's personalized analysis of your script--with suggestions for how to make it stronger--during Day 2 of the workshop. Limit: 5. Fee: $100, in addition to the regular class fee.


For those that have taken John's seminars before, this is a perfect refresher course!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ocntact the course Admin, Melinda at

You can read more about John here:

Remember, 90% of all scripts are rejected due to structure issues.


You must learn how to write a compelling story with excellent structure if you hope to sell your work.


John is an expert in structure - learn from the best

in this once a year opportunity in Seattle.

"Good structure is essential in screenplays, and John understands how to teach this better than anyone. If you have the chance to hear him speak, jump at it!" 

- Liz Glotzer, President, Castlerock Pictures, producer of Shawshank Redemption, Before Midnight, The Myst, Sibling Rivalry, Mystic Pizza and many more


“John is a first-rate teacher, as good as anyone you’ll find at USC or UCLA… He gave me the foundational knowledge of story structure to elevate my screenwriting."

- Kate Wharton, produced writer; winner Jeff Kitchen Structure Competition, finalist in Nicolls, Page and StoryPros


"John is the BEST, most knowledgeable teacher I've ever had in any subject. From writing to directing to acting, he knows his stuff, and he knows how to imbue that knowledge into others. He's very responsive to each person's specific abilities and learning requirements, and is very able to adjust his style accordingly."

- Matt Howard, feature director and writer


"John Jacobsen excels at helping his writers truly grasp and begin to unravel what is a complex and difficult art form. His structure classes have helped me learn to craft my stories into tales that are compelling on multiple levels and to approach screenwriting in a methodical way that ultimately allows for maximum freedom and creativity. a superb teacher and speaker, his classes are as much fun as they are educational."

- Winda Benedetti, writer,,, Seattle PI


"Some people not only have the knowledge but an extraordinary gift for teaching. We have all had those teachers and they have made a huge difference in our lives. John Jacobsen is such a teacher. Students hang on his every words. They leave his class inspired and go on to create great things. He has an extraordinary talent for both passing on the knowledge but also the joy of his craft. As a fellow teacher in TheFilmSchool, I find myself constantly inspired by him, and inspiring the potential in all of us is the best anyone can do." 

- Rick Stevenson, feature film and television producer



You can read more about John here:

Only $199!

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