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John is one of the leading acting coaches in the Northwest and teaches classes and lectures all across the world. He presents a very nuts-and-bolts, technique-oriented approach to acting, stemming from Stanislavski and Uta Hagen.  He believes there is no better way to learn how to act than to work as an actor, and thus focuses his students on the business of getting hired as well.  He is thoroughly experienced in theatre, film, television and commercials so instructs his actors on how to get hired in these mediums in the various big markets, all of which he has worked in.  

Acting technique is taught primarily through monologue, scene and cold reading work, which also allows students to develop their repertoire of audition pieces, and motivating discussions regarding agents, casting directors, and marketing oneself in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York are frequent.  The camera is a tool John will use to help students prepare for commercial, corporate and feature work, but always his focus is on mining the text for gold, getting actors to be honest in their work, to trust their instincts, and to make strong choices.


John offers both private and group study.  Private classes are arranged through John to fit the student’s schedule and last for one hour.  They are ideal for preparing for a specific audition, working on a specific problem or technique, or because a student seeks total, undivided attention for an hour. 

John's group class has been going on for over twenty years and often sells out, so please apply early for acceptance. It meets Tuesday nights, from 6:30-9:30, and costs $595 for 8 sessions.


For more information, please contact John at

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