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John has written and sold numerous screenplays, and is often hired to work as a script consultant and to rewrite existing scripts.  John's expertise in structure has helped many writers sell their scripts, win festivals and competitions, and find financing for production.  He is also a leading teacher on screenplay writing, the power of story, and the importance of good structure in all genres, lecturing on this as well as teaching at major universities, consulting with agents, producers, and directors,  and mentoring writers one on one.



John is available for hire to write screenplays in all genres from either original ideas or adaptations.  


John is also available to do rewrites of existing material.


Writing samples are available upon request.



John is an expert on story structure and lectures for universities, businesses, conventions, and private groups.


Lectures can be designed to fit your needs, from one hour to one day to a full weekend seminar.  They are fascinating and extremely entertaining
explorations into what it takes create a good story and to see how almost all of our myths, books, plays and films have the exact same vital story structure.



John has taught thousands and mentored hundreds, helping them all develop the full potential of their scripts and talents.

His writing classes are full of nuts and bolt technigue and methodology.  His knowledge of structure and the clear way he presents it gives writers a step by step method to develop their ideas into stories that are moving and executed perfectly.  He is nuturing, encouraging, and entertaining.


Studio executives, agents, producers, directors and writers have all mentored under John and continue to send him material for evaluation and improvement.

To buy John's writing packet, click here.

To send John your script for him to read, make thorough notes on, and review with you either in person or over the phone, please contact him directly at  You can also see his rates by clicking here.


For more information on hiring John to lecture, please contact his agent at, (206) 271-6575


To hire John for writing or mentoring and teaching, please contact him directly at

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