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Media Gallery

Arthur - film

The Artist Toolbox - John Legend

Mads Jacobsen Music Video

Spinning - film

The Artist Toolbox - Jason Alexander Trailer
Around the Fire - feature film trailer
The Artist Toolbox - Hugh Newell Jacobsen
The Game
BlueCross Blue Shield Commercial
Gretchen and JoEllen
Koo and Joellen
Amber and Antonio
Sara and Kat
Gretchen and Antonio
Sara and Joseph
Nick and Koo
Joseph and Kat
Nick and Amber
Roy and Sara
Ronnie and Roy
Roy and Kat
Manchester By the Sea
Kattlynn and Leslie
Dead and Improved
 Sweet Bird of Youth
Wait Until Dark

Ralph Bernstein One Man Show

Stranger Than Fiction
 Home Again
The Thief
White Lotus
On the Road TV Scene
The Sinner TV Scene
Actor Reel Scene
Kitchen Sink Film Scene
Claiborne Film Scene
Semaj Miller Reel
Wrong Man Film Scene
Jessica Thorne Reel
Start the Car Scene
Hailey Henderson Reel

Actors Reel - Phillip Guevara

Actors Reel - Alyssa Franks
Scene from film Sunset Baby
Scene from the film Trainwreck
Scene from Martha Marcy
Dr. Canard
Scene from the film Crazy, Stupid Love
Scene from the film Seminar
Sofia and Jonathan
Artist Toolbox Trailer - TV

The Artist Toolbox - Reuben and Isabel Toledo

The Artist Toolbox - Zang Toi Trailer
The Artist Toolbox - Sam Gilliam Trailer

The Artist Toolbox - Ramsey Lewis

The Artist Toolbox - Massimo and Leila Vignelli Trailer

The Artist Toolbox - David Garrett

The Artist Toolbox - Daniel Boulud

The Artist Toolbox - Isabel Allende 

The Artist Toolbox - Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky Trailer

PBS Presentation

Seattle International Film Festival Promo


The Art of Storytelling
Behind the Scenes with Hugh Jacobsen
The Lightening Hour Interview
Behind the Scenes with David Garrett
JJ Screenplay Workshop
Behind the Scenes - Spinning

20/20 Awards Acceptance Speech

Behind the Scenes with Sam Gilliam
The Artist Toolbox - Tom Skerritt
Mads Jacobsen Music Video
Freehold w/ Robin Smith
Self Tape Advice
Goldie and Sofia
Joseph and Sofia
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