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The Writing and Selling Your Screenplay Packet is here!


John has put together a packet of documents, paradigms, lists and information designed to help you in your quest to write and sell a screenplay.  It is a thorough booklet of over 80 pages that contains the following:


Inspiration, Discipline and Mentoring Information


Best Film Books - we all need as much help as we can get


101 Best Screenplays to Read - you got to read a lot to see how the pros do it


Major Writing Teaching Paradigms Visual - the paradigms of all the great writing teachers compared


Hollywood Main Essential Structure Notes Visual


Screenwriting Paradigms Compared (thorough doc comparing structure views of major teachers like McKee, Snyder, etc...)


Structure and Character - explains the difference


Paradigm Example of Essential Structure of All Great Films


ScriptStructure - a more thorough paradigm


"Devil Wears Prada" Break Down - a simple breakdown of its acts


"The Graduate" 3 Act Structure Breakdown




Three Act Structure of Moulin Rouge


Three Act Structure and Titanic


Bridemaids Stucture in Paradigm


Bridesmaids Structure Explained


BeatSheet Snyder - his breakdown of what scripts must do


Rising Complications Chart - to use to list how you are going to raise the stakes in your film


Mythic Paradigm - from Joseph Campbell


Mythic Paradigm Explained - what each section means in mythology


Myth and Character - understanding mythological characters is extremely helpful to your modern day writing


How To Write Great Characters - a through outline on how to write your characters


Creating Characters, Questionnaire, Development and Exercises


Additional Character Questionnaire - questions to ask your characters to help define them


Sub Plot Diagram - shows how to design our subplots


"Eye of the Needle" Sub Plot Paradigm


GAP - definition and diagram


Bridesmaids Beat Sheet - a breakdown of beats in this film


UP Beat Sheet - a breakdown of beats in this film


Beat Sheet Reaction - shows good cause and effect in writing and how to outline it


Main Beat Outline for Feature – just the major beats outlined here


More Flushed Out Outline for Feature


TV Pilot Beat Sheet


TV Pilot Outline


Initial Pitch for TV Series


WRITING GOOD SCENES - a thorough outline on how to write good scenes and what each scene must have


SCENE BIBLE TEMPLATE - a chart designed to help you design your scenes before you write them


WRITING DIALOG - a thorough outline on writing good dialog


The Antagonist and The Negation of The Negation - a thorough examination of why you have to have the first and probably why you should have the second


Example 1 of The Negation of the Negation


Example 2 of The Negation of the Negation


Example 3 of The Negation of the Negation


Log line paradigm - Suggestions and samples on how to write log lines and pitch your story.


How To Write A Treatment


Formatting Notes - how to format your script diagram


How to Sell Your Screenplay


Literary Agent List - a list of LA agents for writers


HOW TO GET AN AGENT TO REP YOUR WRITING - with a list of agents


Sample Query Letter for Agents, Producers, etc...


BEST SUGGESTED FILM FESTIVALS - long list of great festivals world wide


Screenplay Competitions – Suggested Good Ones

Books on Film Financing - a long list on good books on the business of film


Writing Tips from the Masters - major writers offer lists of tips

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